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Product Description
Product Name : High Frequency Curved Wood Gluer
Product No : JYHW-2030
Product Introduction

Various bamboo and rattan bending processing。

Heating from inside to outside, high efficiency and good quality.

Model  JYHW-2030
Name 30KW High frequency bentwood gluer
High-cycle output 30KW
Input power 60KVA
Vacuum tube TOSHIBA    8T87RB
Rectifier Full-wave rectification of silicon components  Silicon Diode
Shock 5~9MHZ 13.56MHZ
Voltage 3 phase    220V/ 380V/415V    50/60HZ
Mechanical Dimensions 1100 mm x 1200 mm x 1900 mm ( W x L x H)
Packing size/Weight/Volume cm x    cm x    cm 
NW: 700Kgs    GW: Kg
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